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Design office

Management study office

Our pool of managers concentrates a wide range of skills in the analysis, optimization and management of an organization.

We work on global processes:

  Strategic planning
  Human Resource Management
  Operations management
  Financial management
  Quality management
  Supply chain management
  Risk and performance management

We can outsource actions and provide teams with advice and recommendations on optimized management and strategy practices, with the aim of improving efficiency and productivity.

Analyze the organization's existing management processes, and identify the steps and processes, with the stakeholders involved. The objectives for each step are your industry's key performance indicators and measures of success.

Management study office

Global establishment unit

We are entering the process of setting up an organization:

Analysis of the industrial environment : Analysis of the industrial environment and determining the opportunities and challenges related to industrial implementationRegulations, safety, resources.

Feasibility study : Technical, economic and operational feasibility studyCosts, returns, environmental impact, risks.

Industrial site planning : Plan the industrial site, taking into account production needs, safety and environmental standards, regulatory requirementsLayout design, production flow, engineering plans.

Human resource planning : Plan human resources, based on production needs, project complexity and regulatory requirements. Workforce planning, definition of skills profiles.

Project management : Manage the industrial implementation project, in accordance with the requirements and the planned deadlines. Objectives, schedules, budgets, performance indicators.

Implementation assistance : Project implementation, advice and management of coordination services. Training of employees, implementation of information systems.

Evaluation and adjustment : Results of industrial implementation and make adjustments if necessaryData collection, analysis of results, modification of strategy.

The managers are all independent within the group, each can intervene individually, and we can offer a pool of independent managers within the same organization for a mission requiring multiple skills.

Global establishment unit