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Recruitment Export Managers

The knowledge of the market and the complex mechanics, subject very often to imperatives of change allows us to answer the problems of the companies in search of collaborator.

Sectors of intervention : Agro-industrial and food, agronomy, raw materials, petroleum, distribution.

Executive Recruitment for : 
France - Africa - Asia - United States

We work on the key functions of the company: General Management, top and middle management

  Knowledge of your sectors of activity
  Advise the company by looking for specific profiles
  Support from the diagnosis phase with your collaborators

The candidates that we present to you are candidates that we have validated : Analysis and skills file.

The identification and selection of candidates in line with the personality of the company, will allow the best to flourish.

Success depends on the satisfaction of our customers

Recruitment Export Managers

Management studies office

Orgenstra bureau d'étude en management - Africa transition framework for companies needing operational solutions on the African continent.

Organizational change management : Optimization of human resources

  Merger – Acquisition : Business Growth
■  Performance improvement : Team cohesion
  Relay management : Waiting for a new employee and ensuring continuity
  Project management & development : New production tool, unit implementation
■  Environmental management : Controlling its impact and sustainable development

We work on missions of :

  Administrative and financial management
General management
Industrial management
Equipment fleet management
Agricultural project manager

The managers are all independent within the group, each can intervene individually, and we can offer a pool of independent managers within the same organization for a mission requiring multiple skills.

Management studies office

Bellevue International - Partner USA

Bellevue International provides international trade services and strategic sales solutions, with a strong focus on bridging opportunities between North America and French-speaking countries.

Our expertise and customer-centric approach empower small to medium businesses to expand their global reach, tap into lucrative markets, and drive international growth.

More than 30 years of experience in :

■  Market study
■  Go-to-market strategy
■  Distributor search
■  Strategic organization: Events
■  Project management: development

Translation services :

At Bellevue International, we understand the crucial role that effective communication plays in today's global business landscape. That's why we offer comprehensive translation and interpreting services in French and English to bridge language barriers and ensure seamless cross-cultural interactions.

Bellevue International :

Headquarters Michigan - United States
regional office Paris - France

Bellevue International - Partner USA