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Africa: The future breadbasket of the planet

There are ± 700 million unexploited agricultural areas on the billion hectares that Africa has, which represents nearly 60% of the arable land found on the planet and the sector represents 16% of the continent's GDP.

The agro-industrial economy will be a growth accelerator such as the development of road infrastructure and enable 60% of its population to work.

In 2030 agricultural programs and projections and more generally the agro-food sector could represent some 900 billion €, but Africa imports ± 35 billion $, with a large part of agricultural products that can be produced locally, it is urgent to increase productivity (cereal yields being lower than the world average) and investment in the agricultural sector.

The climate on the continent is of great diversity, thus sub-Saharan Africa with expanses favorable to the production of wheat which requires very little irrigation is penalized by transport infrastructures and non-existent marketing places, mainly in middle rural.

Agriculture needs to be transformed

It will be necessary to transform agriculture by promoting access to the processing and marketing industry, to invest in technology to reduce the digital divide in order to have access to agronomic data.

2008, which recalls the investments in road infrastructure in Senegal, where the road works were all launched at the same time, coupled with the major food self-sufficiency project with the Goana operation.

Even if the "Goana" today is not perfect, agriculture and investment have made it possible to increase agricultural production in such a way as to reduce dependence on imports and it is indeed the development of road infrastructures allowing exchanges as well as the investments which have made it possible to increase exchanges and reduce the divide in rural areas.

Today agriculture in Africa is often confined to food security where more than three quarters of the continent are all in the fields to create and produce their "own food self-sufficiency", needs investment in productivity, mechanization, training, in order to to switch from subsistence agriculture to self-sufficiency.

But with 60% of arable land in the world, Africa tomorrow will become the breadbasket of the planet.

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